Correspondence Column, February

In January the RWC received a letter from Interval House thanking us for our support. Even though you might have heard Recording Secretary Carole Rankin reading it at the General Meeting, I thought it was a good letter for our Correspondence Column this month. Hope you agree.

Dear Friends,
Over the past 36 years, Interval House has been a place where passionate support gives voice to those who have been silenced by abuse, and where loving encouragement offers hope and beauty to those who have lived too long without either. Giving is at the core of what we do, and thoughtful friends like you are at the heart of what makes our work possible.
Your support and encouragement for the work that we do to shelter and support victims of domestic violence means so much to us. Thank you again for opening your heart to Interval House, and for helping us in offering peace, promise and purpose to the thousands of families we have the privilege of serving.

Carol Williams
Executive Director