First Connection

Valentine's Day is special for so many that we care about, so let's make this February special for the Veterans at the Long Beach Veterans Hospital. Many of our veterans are struggling not just with their injuries but with depression. Many are far from family. Let's cheer them up with something special.

As chair, I've made some special "we were meant to (BEE) friends" Valentine cards and have glued them on a card with Burt's BEEs wax lip balm. I'll bring them to our general meeting so you can see how cute they turned out and we'll include these or maybe attach one to a game or box of candy if you'd like.

Please help support those that so support us by bringing a new game like a deck of cards or a box of chocolates to our General Meeting on Wednesday, February 10th. Veterans love playing games, so if you have anything that's new in the way of a game that you received over the holidays and don't have any need for, please bring it to the General Meeting for us to give to them. Games are so good for the veterans that are mending as it keeps their minds working and occupied. And, if you don't have any inkling what to get them game wise, how about a tiny heart shaped box of chocolates, which they'll love, along with a little Valentine's card.

On behalf of First Connection, thank you for your continued support.