Correspondence Column, February

In January the RWC received a letter from Interval House thanking us for our support. Even though you might have heard Recording Secretary Carole Rankin reading it at the General Meeting, I thought it was a good letter for our Correspondence Column this month. Hope you agree.

Dear Friends,
Over the past 36 years, Interval House has been a place where passionate support gives voice to those who have been silenced by abuse, and where loving encouragement offers hope and beauty to those who have lived too long without either. Giving is at the core of what we do, and thoughtful friends like you are at the heart of what makes our work possible.
Your support and encouragement for the work that we do to shelter and support victims of domestic violence means so much to us. Thank you again for opening your heart to Interval House, and for helping us in offering peace, promise and purpose to the thousands of families we have the privilege of serving.

Carol Williams
Executive Director


Even though this is Southern California, and our temperatures seldom go below freezing, it still pays to Winterize your home. Follow these simple tips to help save Time, Energy, and Money!

Inspect your roof, cleaning off debris and replacing damaged or missing shingles.
Make sure all gutters and down spouts are free of debris.
Check your heating system. Vacuum vents and replace furnace filters if needed.
Insulate exposed plumbing
Check windows and doors for drafts and efficiency. Use weather stripping or caulk to seal problem areas.
Remove leaves and debris from your air conditioner’s condensing unit and cover.
Reverse the directions on your ceiling fans. This will push the hot air down and help it recirculate through the house.
Get the fireplace ready. If the chimney hasn’t been cleaned for a while, call a chimney sweep to inspect and clean it.
Close off rooms that aren’t used and shut the vents.
Prepare landscaping and outdoor surfaces. Trim tree branches and seal driveways, brick patios and wood decks.

First Connection

Valentine's Day is special for so many that we care about, so let's make this February special for the Veterans at the Long Beach Veterans Hospital. Many of our veterans are struggling not just with their injuries but with depression. Many are far from family. Let's cheer them up with something special.

As chair, I've made some special "we were meant to (BEE) friends" Valentine cards and have glued them on a card with Burt's BEEs wax lip balm. I'll bring them to our general meeting so you can see how cute they turned out and we'll include these or maybe attach one to a game or box of candy if you'd like.

Please help support those that so support us by bringing a new game like a deck of cards or a box of chocolates to our General Meeting on Wednesday, February 10th. Veterans love playing games, so if you have anything that's new in the way of a game that you received over the holidays and don't have any need for, please bring it to the General Meeting for us to give to them. Games are so good for the veterans that are mending as it keeps their minds working and occupied. And, if you don't have any inkling what to get them game wise, how about a tiny heart shaped box of chocolates, which they'll love, along with a little Valentine's card.

On behalf of First Connection, thank you for your continued support.