Crafts and Quilts

For many years the Crafts Section was one of the biggest. They often swept awards at the Orange District and some even went on to win awards at the State level.

In recent years the crafts group dwindled down until only the quilting group remained. Of course, you didn't have to be a quilter to join.

Last year, however, requests were made that the Crafts section be reinstated, and the club responded. Not only did they reform the section but they spent time creating things to sell at our Outdoor Living and Garden Tour. Between the Friendship Garden and the Crafts Section, we raised an addition $2000 to pass on to our charities. You never know what our Crafters will get up to -- from sewing outfits to designing centerpieces, and more, the Craft Section is back. If you have a craft you enjoy and you wish to share it with us, this is the place for you!